Take Back Your Power

Hi there! I'm Kelsey Biddle. I work at the Harvard Aging Brain Study, I’m on the board of Wake Up Narcolepsy, and I’m a person living with narcolepsy.


“Take Back Your Power”

I’m working to build awareness of narcolepsy, both to raise funds for research and to help connect people with narcolepsy with each other. I’m also very interested in helping people with other invisible illnesses to live productive lives.

I presented my talk, “Take Back Your Power,” at the World Sleep Congress in Vancouver, BC in September of 2019 and I’d love to share my story with your organization. My talk describes how I lost then found my confidence, identity, and “power” when I was diagnosed with Type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy in January of 2018.

Through this talk, I hope to provide inspiration to anyone living with an invisible illness or who has experienced challenge or loss. I also hope to destigmatize narcolepsy, a commonly misunderstood disease.

You can read the feedback from my first talk by clicking here and you can find a detailed description of my talk along with photos for publicizing events here.

I live in Boston and you can contact me at kbiddle616@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Click below to watch a recording of my talk, or you can take a look at the PDF by clicking here.


I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2017 as a neuroscience major. I am a research coordinator for the Harvard Aging Brain Study. I’m also on the board of “Wake Up Narcolepsy” and I am both a counselor and ambassador for “Crisis Text Line,” an online platform that provides support for people in distress. I am very interested in the intersection of neuroscience and psychiatry, and I’m currently applying to medical school.



I related so much of what you had to share with the audience. I now feel more compelled to be vulnerable and share my own story. Thank you, Kelsey.
— Feedback from Net Promoter Survey
Very capable speaker. You could sell water to a well.
— Feedback via Net Promoter Survey
The honesty of the presentation was amazing. I loved the quote about how when someone combines intelligence and discipline anything is possible. The slides were beautiful and did not distract the oration.
— Feedback from Net Promoter Survey
Highly applicable to everyone since we all deal with something. Inspired me to speak up more with my story.
— Feedback from Net Promoter Score Survey